Traditional Kimchi

Traditional Kimchi

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Contains: Suey choy (nappa cabbage), Lo bok (Korean radish), green onions, freshly ground garlic and ginger root, Korean red pepper powder, anchovy sauce, #1 grade Canadian honey, organic sea salt.


How to enjoy our jarred Kimchi:


Our fermentation process gives the kimchi a sour, tangy, slightly effervescent aspect, tasting of garlic and ginger with a moderately high heat level from the red pepper powder. The white/mild kimchi has no red pepper so no heat at all, tasting more of garlic and ginger.

There's no limit on our kimchi's uses, but here's a list of the ways we enjoy it:

  • Kimchi can be eaten on its own straight out of the jar but is typically used as a garnish or side dish like a pickle.
  • It goes great with noodles, rice, quinoa, on a salad, in an omelette, on fried eggs etc.
  • Add it to a stir fry, hot dog or hamburger
  • You can put it on fish, beef, pork, chicken, lamb etc. as a topping
  • Also great on pizza, poutine, or mixed with mayonnaise for a hot mayo or sour c