The Ferris Wheel

The Ferris Wheel




This is a book that will help to promote positive mental health.   It will also help answer questions many kids have.    Why are some things appropriate for older kids and adults but not me?   How can it hurt to try something before I am ready?  What can happen when we face our fears?  When is it ok to talk about secrets?  Does talking about an issue really help?  How can a change in perspective change an experience?  These questions are answered in a delightful way that children can understand.



Ree Beland-McMillan 


Has been a registered nurse most of her life.  She is married with three grown children and a grandmother.  She enjoys children, animals and the great out doors.   Mental health has always been extremely important to her.   It is her  hope that her books can help develop a positive healthy mind set for all who read them. 


The illustrator also works with children and lives in Winnipeg.    


30 pages

Published in 2020