Pine Cone Fire Starter (4pk)

Pine Cone Fire Starter (4pk)




When the Little Wood Chipper struggled to start a fire in her cottage fireplace, she gathered a few pinecones and wood shavings from the chainsaw and her idea of Pine Cone Fire Starters was born.
By adding wax to the pinecones and wood shavings, she created basic fire starters and gave them away to her friends and neighbours at the lake. The positive feedback she received pushed her to experiment, to enhance and to perfect her original product.

Woodchips from various species of fallen trees, handpicked pinecones and wildflowers from Clear Lake, Brandon Hills, Lake Winnipeg and even Grande Pointe are now used to make each and every fire starter unique.

Working in collaboration with other small home-based Manitoba businesses, The Little Wood Chipper is quickly gaining in popularity.


Little Wood Chipper products are now sold in many popular stores throughout Manitoba. Pick some up where you can and find the perfect gift for all your friends and family.


4 per package