On The Aegean

On The Aegean



9 x 12 inch on stretched canvas


Artist Bio

Sandy of Sandy's Scapes has been painting with oil for 25 years and is a self-taught artist. In January of 2020, Sandra had several people approach her about purchasing paintings, so she decided to take a hobby, that she loved,
to a new level by selling her work. In addition to her original pieces, she also has mugs and magnets, featuring some of her paintings, made so people could have a small piece
of her art. During the spring of 2020, Sandra had more time at home due to the COVID pandemic, and began to paint animals , which also led to success in having commission requests for pet portraits. 
Sandra’s first gallery exhibit took place in the fall of 2020 at Prairie Fusion. Despite the small number of visitors due to the pandemic, the exhibit was well received.
Sandra’s full time career is in aviation as a pilot and her love of flight can be seen in her art work. The bold, beautiful skies she enjoys flying in and painting often feature an airplane silhouette.