Drug Wars Part 3: Iron Curtain

Drug Wars Part 3: Iron Curtain



Ninja. The silent assassins. Using ancient martial arts techniques passed down through the secret orders of hired killers, they stalk by night and murder without a trace. Now they’ve come to River City and it’s not to sightsee!

He might have killed the world’s biggest drug supplier in Carlos Mendoza, but that only made the real bad guys mad. Now they’re after him with everything they’ve got. In an all out battle for the future of Canada that spans the globe, THE REVENGIST is in a fight for more than just his life!

Rougher than the Rat Bastards!
Angrier than the Avengers!
Dirtier than the Death Squad!

THE REVENGIST tops them all. River City’s toughest cop takes on all comers in his never ending quest to eradicate the vicious breed of criminal