Colombia (dark roast)

Colombia (dark roast)


Flavours of butter, roasted nuts and honey 


We are proud to be the first company in Canada to source iFinca Verified™ coffee!


Through iFinca, we are able to offer more traceability and transparency about where our coffee comes from.


We invite you to Meet the Farmers who grew this coffee. (Each farmer writes their own story so they are all in Spanish at this time. We look forward to a translation being available soon.) By clicking this link or scanning the QR code on our label, you will also find information about the price that was paid to the farmers vs. the commodity price at time of purchase, plus a view of the whole supply chain.


This particular coffee is from the Coffee for Peace initiative which provides an opportunity for farmers to leave behind the violence of the past and embrace a peaceful future through the production of specialty coffee in Colombia.


340 g  |  12 oz