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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Prairie Flavours all about?

Prairie Flavours is a mobile grocery store committed to selling 100% Manitoba made food and products. Our goal is to promote the shop local movement and help businesses reach out to new untapped communities in the province.

Where will Prairie Flavours travel to?

Typically we'll deliver within city limits on Thursday nights and Friday afternoons and then travel to various select areas of the province on the weekends. The initial focus will primarily be on the Southern Interlake and Eastman regions. Once we get a bit more established, more areas of the province will be added. Check the SCHEDULE page to see where the truck will deliver to each week.

How do I place an order?

Very simple. Shop and place desired items into your cart. When done, go to the checkout page and complete all the required information that we need to deliver your order. Pay for the items using the various secure payment forms that we offer.

When are orders delivered?

Orders that are placed prior to 3 pm on Wednesday will be delivered either Thursday night or Friday afternoon. Scheduled out of town deliveries will be made on Saturday. Check the SCHEDULE PAGE to see which community the Prairie Flavours truck will be on any given weekend.

How do I pay for my order?

We have several secure payment options for you at the time of checkout including debit, credit card, paypal or you can etransfer.

Is there a delivery fee?

There's a $5.00 charge on all deliveries. This includes both Winnipeg city deliveries and the scheduled small communities that we serve on the weekends. Delivery fee is waived if order is $65 or over.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a merchant?

Very easily. If you're a small Manitoba business or an individual wanting to sell Manitoba made product, CONTACT US. We're easy to talk to and would love to figure out a partnership deal that would help us both grow.

What's in it for me?

There are many benefits to being a merchant with Prairie Flavours. Firstly, getting your product out to potentially untapped markets throughout the province. Exposure to smaller seasonal communities will likely help bring more sales to traditional already established markets. Secondly, you get another internet presence in the form of our webpage. We offer customers direct links to your website, contact info, product and business information along with selling your products on our site with direct delivery. Thirdly, you get a retailer that cares about your business and the products you sell.

Are you just an online store and delivery service?

No! When we go out to the small Manitoba communities, we do both cottage/home deliveries as well as set up a roadside shop in the area. Hours and locations will be determined beforehand so that customers know when and where we'll be. It's a good way to talk with customers and to promote/educate them on your business and the products you sell. We strive to be the best ambassador of your product that we can be.

What length of contract do I need to sign?

Whether it's our lack of business experience or our trust in people but we don't believe in contracts. We want the partnership to be open because we know unforeseen things can happen and we don't want local businesses suffering. Of course some financial matters would have to be agreed and signed off on but if you change your mind, that's quite alright. We would miss you though!

How do I get my products to Prairie Flavours?

We're very flexible on that. We'll arrange dates and times that are good for you and we can decide on the amount of product that we should have on inventory. We can also adjust as the year goes on.