Passion - Passion is one of the core values that led to the creation of Prairie Flavours. We have passion for the province and for the people that live here. Doing what we can to promote small business owners and their products is one of our main objectives. 

Respect - Respecting customers, merchants and the environment. This comes naturally and will never be compromised or removed as a value. Treating people the way one wants to be treated in return is a given. We'll do our best to minimize the environmental impact of the company in the communities we serve and always strive to find ways to reduce our carbon footprint. 

Integrity - We'll be open and honest and never bargain away our moral principles for economic or personal gain. Our word is our bond and it will never be broken. We realize that trust must be earned over time to gain the loyalty we seek and that it can be lost so quickly. Our integrity will never be compromised.  

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Our vision is to enable more provincial communities access to healthy and local foods produced in Manitoba. Promoting and sustaining the buy local movement will help achieve greater economic stability and keep our dollars here in our province. 

The goal, eventually, is to turn Prairie Flavours into a non-profit organization that would bring healthy affordable food to lower income families in grocery deserts across the province. Financial backing from larger corporations and donations would be a key aspect of the structural shift but one that is attainable after proof of concept has been achieved. 


We believe...

  •  In the importance of building strong relationships with our customers and merchants. 

  • In possessing a humble attitude and open to learning and accepting new ideas. 

  • In having gratitude towards our customers, merchants and support systems.

  • In building and growing from disappointment and frustration and learning from any mistakes.

  • In the importance of the buy local movement and all the small businesses in our province.